Postdoctoral Fellows


Kalyani Jayasankar

2022–2024 Postdoctoral Fellow, Sociology
PhD in Sociology, Princeton University

Kalyani Monteiro Jayasankar is an urban and environmental sociologist whose research and teaching interests lie in cities, climate change, social inequality, and ethnographic methods. She will receive her Ph. D. in Sociology from Princeton University in July 2022. Her research examines how the unequal impacts of climate change manifest in the lives of individuals and communities and the strategies they use to make sense of and negotiate changing environmental conditions.

Kalyani’s book project, Time and Tide: Residential Decisions in an Era of Climate Change, focuses on how residents make decisions about staying and leaving in response to flooding through ethnographic fieldwork in Mumbai and Miami. the inequalities of social class, race, and caste, this work argues that residential decisions around flooding are mediated through temporal experiences, shaped by state support or its absence. Her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, and the Princeton High Meadows Environmental Institute.