Postdoctoral Fellows


Burç Köstem

2023–2025 Postdoctoral Fellow, Cinema and Media Studies
PhD in Communication Studies, McGill University

Burç Köstem is a PhD candidate in Communication Studies at McGill University. He will receive his PhD in Communication Studies from McGill in June of 2023. His current project, The Aesthetic Economies of Limitation: Affect, Ecology and Political Economy in Urban Istanbul (2002-2022) is based on fieldwork in Istanbul and investigates the mutual production of reactionary sentiment and neoliberalism across the sites of urban construction, financial speculation and environmental struggle in Turkey. In doing so, it focuses on how the image of environmental limitation on the one hand and limitless economic growth on the other become sites for the articulation of divergent political and aesthetic projects. This work has been funded by the Dr. Richard H. Tomlinson Award, the Beaverbrook Graduate Award and the Wolfe Graduate Fellowship.

More broadly, Burc’s work is situated in the intersection of political ecology, political theory and media studies. He is interested in degrowth communism, infrastructure studies, the problem of waste and excess in urban economies, critiques of political economy, theories of value, affect theory and Marxist thought. His work has appeared in Cultural Studies, Theory, Culture & Society, Heliotrope, and Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy