Past Publications



Musical Replay and the Fear of the Real (Wesleyan Univ. Press, 2019)
Tracy McMullen
2011–2013 Postdoctoral Fellow

Migration and the Media

Debating Chinese Migration to Italy, 1992-2012 (University of Toronto Press, 2019)
Gaoheng Zhang
2012–2014 Postdoctoral Fellow

Mary Weatherford

Lund Humphries, 2019
Suzanne P. Hudson
2018–2020 Faculty Fellow

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee

Riverhead Books, 2019
David Treuer
2016–2018 Faculty Fellow

Gyorgy Kepes

Undreaming the Bauhaus (MIT Press, 2019)
John R. Blakinger
2016–2018 Postdoctoral Fellow

Mike Annany, 2019-2020 Faculty Fellow, with Laura Forlano, Molly Wright Steenson (eds.), Bauhaus Futures (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2019)

Bauhaus Futures

MIT Press, 2019
Mike Ananny, 2019–2020 Faculty Fellow, with Laura Forlano, Molly Wright Steenson (eds.)


King Richard III

Language and Writing (Arden Bloomsbury, 2018)
Rebecca Lemon, 2018–2020 Faculty Fellow

Addiction and Devotion in Early Modern England

University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018
Rebecca Lemon, 2019–2020 Faculty Fellow

Networked Press Freedom

Creating Infrastructures for a Public Right to Hear (MIT Press, 2018)
Mike Ananny, 2019–2020 Faculty Fellow


Photography, Writing, & Surprising Illumination (Oxford University Press, 2018)
Kate Flint, 2018–2020 Faculty Fellow